Coming down to Earth – “Huston, we have a problem. “


After recent success on local startup competitions, we headed to the capital to test our idea on a bigger scale. We learned that much improvement is needed for the project. Our game simply wasn’t good enough for the stronger competition in this bigger city startup scene. But, this was a good thing! Competition is what pushes you forward, forces you to improve. This is the whole idea of a free marketplace.

Find out what your worth

During the last few months, we traveled around presenting our project to different juries. There was PODIM conference, then GoodGame – Liftoff, then Idea Knockout. We came prepared, with a complete picture of our project, business model and all. However, judges didn’t seem that impressed, so they started poking, searching for weak spots. They revealed to us flaws in our project, the initial hypothesis that wouldn’t stand in the real world. Uncovering our weak spots, although frustrating, was actually helpful. We now know what we must improve in order to turn this into a real live business.


Compared to our competitors in these competitions, we land somewhere in the middle. There are those who have very poorly developed ideas, and there are those with functioning business and great teams. All in all, this was a well of good advice and useful contacts.


Back to the drawing board

How will our system integrate with the existing system on the gas station? How will the payment process look like, who is involved? These are questions to be answered. Our next milestone will be to have a fully working system (including payment) on a gas station. This will be our MVP. Although it’s not as simple as it sounds. As it turns out, a lot of players are involved in payment and everyone wants a piece of the action. We are currently looking for a gas station who will be our partner in developing our pilot project. Stay tuned 🙂


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