Pilot project launch

We are happy to announce the launch of our fully functional system! Yes, EazyOil is officially online. Over two years in the making, careful developing and integrating with various partners has brought us to this moment. The system is complete with the mobile app, license plate capturing, and automated payment. And we’re quite proud of it. 🙂

The installation of the first EazyOil system


The time has come to roll up our sleeves and install our first ever fully functional system in Zadar. Couple of hours of manual work, configuring and testing, and we were up and running. Of course, there were a couple of hiccups, as with any new technology, but we successfully ironed them out. It is now up to you to try EazyOil and let us know how to improve it.

We want to generate as much traffic as possible. By analyzing the numbers and user reports, we want to tackle any potential issues early on. We will also use these numbers as metrics of quality and profitability of EazyOil.


Next-generation payment for gas stations


We are sailing into uncharted waters, and it takes courage to join our voyage. We were lucky to collect a team of future-oriented individuals to help us navigate. I’m talking about our partners who have dedicated time and resources to make this possible. Firstly, IPC Čakovec, with whose software we had to integrate to get information about gas amount and price. Then CorvusPay IPG and Erste Card Club who enabled secure payment for our system. And last but not least, Tri Bartola, the gas station where we installed our system. To all of them, we say thank you for your support and encouragement. There are a lot of moving parts included in this system, and we have spent the past year orchestrating all of them to run smoothly.


Fingers crossed


We are excited to see how the system will run and what the numbers will show. What will our first users tell us? Will the gas station be pleased with EazyOil? And what new doors will this open for us? Hopefully, this will be the first step to becoming a standardized payment method on gas stations.


How to use EazyOil


Simply install the EazyOil mobile app. Before going to the gas station don’t forget to enter your license plate and card information in the mobile app.

You can find the location of the gas stations available on the map inside the mobile app. The system works only for track number 3. When you go there:

  1. Park your car at the pump as you would normally before refuelling.
  2. You will immediately get a notification asking would you like to use automatic payment. Click “YES”.
  3. Refuel your car.
  4. After your finished, check your phone for another notification confirming that automatic payment was successful.

That’s it! You’re free to go!



Developer: EASY OIL d.o.o.
Price: unknown


Developer: EASY OIL d.o.o.
Price: Free
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  1. Filip

    Neka growth strategija bi vam mogla biti da dajete 10% popusta na gorivo preko aplikacije ako plate. Morate dati neki poticaj dodatni da instaliraju aplikaciju.

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